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  • Are there any prerequisites for joining?
    We welcome students of all grades to come join us in learning about what it takes to develop as a leader! Whether you're a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, we would love to have you join our club :)
  • Are there any benefits for people who join the club?
    Emerging Leaders provides an open and engaged environment for club members to learn more about themselves as leaders, grow with the help of their peers and experienced industry leaders, and enjoy a safe space (with delicious snacks!) during club meetings and volunteering opportunities. As an Emerging Leader, each club member is able to learn about leadership in a personal and global sense, gain community service hours, and add something impactful and unique to their college applications or future resumes. The dedication and contributions of the Emerging Leaders leadership team includes the efforts of the board and the Community Development & Connections Chairs, composed of students from all grades with diverse opinions and ideas. Joining Emerging Leaders provides you with the opportunity to lead through community service initiatives, apply for a variety of leadership positions, gain leadership certificates and awards, and develop as a leader prepared for the future!
  • What type of community service is there?
    Emerging Leaders provides a multitude of community service opportunities to provide leadership experience for all club members. Through partnerships with nonprofits and organizations such as the Youth Center, OC Public Health Agency, and the Global Cultural Education Foundation, Emerging Leaders club members have dedicated much time to volunteering and contributing to the community. In a partnership with the Youth Center, a local nonprofit that has served over 100,000 families, members have led events to raise funds for youth empowerment and provide ongoing leadership support for youth activities, tutoring, mentorship, and community events. The collaboration with the OC Public Health Agency has given members the chance to participate in community service regarding public health initiatives and Life>Drugs campaigns, while a partnership with the Global Cultural Education Foundation, a nonprofit striving to educate the community, allows members to volunteer in cultural awareness events and fundraisers. Emerging Leaders provides many diverse and engaging community service opportunities for club members to hone their leadership skills and gain memorable and illuminating experiences!
  • When are meetings?
    For the 2022-2023 school year, meetings are every other Tuesday (starting September 27) in Mrs. Tiratira's room, room 600. Follow us on Instagram (@lahsemergingleaders) and sign up for our Remind (@lahsel) to stay updated on meeting dates as we always let members know through these platforms!
  • How can I participate in community service?
    We have many community service opportunities throughout the year! By partnering with local nonprofits, we add community service to our "upcoming events" page and always let members know through Remind, Instagram, and at meetings. Check out the Google Calendar on our "home" page and be sure to take a look at the "upcoming events" to sign up.
  • What do you do at meetings?
    Throughout the bimonthly Emerging Leaders meetings, club members experience a diverse array of leadership lessons, activities, and opportunities! Through engaging and fulfilling community service, members are able to develop their leadership, public speaking, collaboration, and communicative skills. Meetings include industry leaders covering topics such as different leadership styles, the importance of written communication, candor and honesty in leadership, setting realistic goals, and more. Built upon through comprehensive activities to further the knowledge of members from these lessons, Emerging Leaders is dedicated to providing a variety of accessible, engaging learning experiences for club members.
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