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Leadership Speakers

Touch up your leadership skills by learning from presentations by some of our past speakers!

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Karyn Keene 

Candor in Leadership

Karyn Keene owns and runs the aftesrchool academy, Ready Study Go, and she has led the company in addressing culture change and communication in leadership. She has also led the company in making a difference in the lives of so many children with her creative and innovative classes such as socratic seminars, various weekend workshops, STEM learning, and foundational learning both online and in person. She has worked in a variety of leadership positions from starting an elemntary school with Biola University to project managing at a variety of tech firms. Additionally, Karyn has much leadership experience in podcast and cinema productions, multimedia productions, web design, afterschool education, and more. 

Mark Chamberlin

Realistic & Effective Goal Setting

Mark Chamberlin is a retired Enterprise and Global Sales Leader with experience selling complex, high dollar technology and services solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He is a Board Director for Youth Employment Service, which has helped young adults get jobs since 1970, and is a volunteer interview coach with Chapman University and Cal Poly Pomona, helping students compete for the world's best new career jobs. Mark’s volunteer activity topics include interview skills coaching for young adults persuing their first career jobs in large organizations, meeting job requirements, and “How To Get a Job in 60 Days”. His coaching also covers adapting to job changes through mergers and acquisitions, or through rapid technology obsolescence.

He has extensive hiring and interviewing experience within the hi-tech industry, including working for Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, and the team from Microsoft that developed Skype. His customer list includes direct “sell to” responsibility for Disney, HPE, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Nestle, REI, VISA, Ingram Micro, Toshiba, Sony Electronics, Lockheed Martin, Oppenheimer Group and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to name a few.

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Anthony Sharp

Public Speaking

Anthony Sharp is a Master Trainer at Serco, Inc. where he trains facilitators for military veterans. He also teaches Exploring Your Purpose and Career to high school students. He brings 10+ years of experience in Career Counseling & Advisement. He has worked with a diverse population of job seekers including: at-risk students, adults, college students, International Students (ESL), LGBTQ and justice involved. He enjoys educating and entertaining job seekers to motivate them back to work. Guess you can call him an “Edutainer”. Anthony has taught several workshops in the following areas: Personal Branding, Navigating the job search process, Job interviewing, Résumé/Cover Letter Composition, just to name a few. Anthony exudes passion and a theatrical energy that impacts everyone. He is an investor, motivator, and empower-er of people. Anthony has committed his life to cheerlead individuals on during their transition, regardless of their stage in life. It is his purpose to help people along their journey towards finding and living their purpose.

Rachel Beck

Written Communication in Leadership

Rachel Beck is an accomplished author and writer who has written many novels and books throughout her career. Along with delving deep and studying literature and English, Rachel has studied many leadership techniques throughout her career. With her expertise, she has also advise various leaders in engaging with their teams, enhancing their leadership styles, and how to be clear in written communication. Some tips she has are to provide context, remember that clear is kind, set expectations, and tactful ways to deliver bad news! Her specialization in writing has allowed her to utilize her skills to become a wonderful leader in person and through written communication. 

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